Text by Eugenie Shinkle
FROM A TO B – Time travel, blue mountains, the dancing moon

“Every year, a friend and I drive to Austria and back for a ski holiday. As road trips go, it’s not a particularly long one, but we accumulate a lot of memorabilia along the way: toll receipts, tickets and flyers, menus, notes and other odd scraps of paper. Leafing through these fragments later, it’s always surprising to discover how vivid a description of time and place they comprise...”   (continue reading)

Book Conversation with Mia Cuk from the Footnote Centre
FROM A TO B – Time travel, blue mountains, the dancing moon

FC: Your folio-book is like a dedication to slow looking and a praise of unhurried movement. The way you produce your images is also time-consuming.  You work with traditional photography in the darkroom, and make silk-screen prints. Is this somehow conceptually inherent to the themes that you are exploring in your work?
AP: With the use of those different print techniques, I was also looking to distance my images from the real world. Images are means of representation, but they are too often confused with the real. By using techniques such as screen-prints and laser prints, I was hoping to evidence that too.
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British Journal of Photography –  April 2017
The Black Box

[...] we continue our commitment to new and emerging photography and photographers in our Projects, which this month include work by Itay Benit, Gregor Sailer, and BJP’s International Photography Award finalist Anthony Prevost.    (continue reading)

Huck Magazine – Dec 2013
My Life in Analogue

A sense of wanderlust comes across in Anthony Prevost's images, revealing his fascination with new lands and peoples.    (continue reading)