Anthony Prévost

L’ATELIER is the commercial studio of Anthony specialised in high-end photography of architecture, interior design and still life.

Anthony has worked for over 10 years in the photographic industry. He learnt the core technics by assisting renowned art, fashion and still-life photographers and then earned an MA in Art Photography in 2016. He has since thrived to combine technic and artistic vision in both personal and commercial projects.

He has always been drawn to architecture and owe most of his knowledge to the endless architecture-related conversations he has with his wife – a senior architect and bridge designer. He understands his activity as a tight collaboration with the designers to produce high-quality images that will convey the original vision of creative practices.

In an age where CGI are omnipresent, his role as a photographer is to firmly anchor every projects in the world so that viewers can experiment and feel them as something real and palpable.

For inquiries or collaboration:

︎     @atelierprevost
︎     (+44) 07442169800

Based in London, UK
Available to work worldwide.